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Pursar ES
enables financial
providers to
profitably serve
the unbanked
underbanked at


Pursar ES is deployed as a standard platform with a Config Layer, allowing financial services providers to create their unique experience without having to change the underlying architecture. By separating customisation and platform functionality, the probability of having a broken or dysfunctional system is greatly reduced.

Within 4 weeks, a dedicated team of system administrators can use the configuration layer for a customised version of Pursar ES to go live.


Establishing a new financial product is not an easy feat. Establishing one serving a customer base that has hardly ever used such products is a herculean task. As such, we do not only provide our technology to our clients, we go the extra mile to provide intelligence, go-to-market strategies and winning business models. With Pursar ES, financial services providers have a better chance of making it big with the unbanked and underbanked.

Also, we have aligned our business success with the success of our clients. The majority of our revenue comes directly from the market success of our clients.

Lastly, through our Research and Development arm, we continuously provide upgrades that financial services providers use to provide richer experiences to their clients. Our Research and Development takes a deeper look into finance, compliance, user experience and technology. Be ready for amazing supplements to the core throughout your journey with us.

With Pursar, it is a long term game and wins for financial services providers, merchants, consumers and the economy at large.