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Are you an investor interested in creating impact while earning awesome returns?

Pursar could be your best bet. We are building technologies that are being used to power commerce and financial exchange, both online and offline. These technologies are driving tremendous growth across villages, towns, cities, countries and regions. In driving these growths, as a by-product, we share in the value created in different ways. An investment in Pursar is the surest way of directly benefiting in the value generated by the new ecosystems. This ecosystem will be worth hundreds of billion dollars per year in a few years from now.

According to the World Bank, there are at least 1.7 billion unbanked in the world today. With Pursar ES, we are enabling financial services providers to serve this market profitably at scale. Imagine what is possible hooking up 1 billion or more people with the technologies we provide!

Interesting thing is, we do not have to be at the forefront. We are positioning Pursar to be the AWS of technology used by banks, microfinances and startups to profitably serve the unbanked and underbanked at scale.

With Pursar, it is a long term game and wins for financial services providers, merchants, consumers and the economy at large.

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