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Pursar ES is a merchant-centric,
mobile-first and cloud-native
financial technology

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Pursar ES is built from ground up to serve the unbanked and underbanked. The design of Pursar ES takes into consideration
infrastructures that can be leveraged (merchants), technology that is secured and extensible (mobile, cloud), and most importantly, a
model that enables profitability at scale while serving the unbanked and underbanked.

pursar es architecture

Pursar ES is designed with the goal of enabling financial service providers to profitably serve the unbanked and underbanked at scale. It’s a new technology with a new model, unlike any found in the market. Pursar ES has digital payment at its core with APIs for commerce and other experiences to build on. With Pursar ES a financial services provider doesn’t need to break the vault to offer their customers (new and old) new digital financial experiences.

Pursar ES comes with the following:

Digital Payment Core

Apis To Drive Commercial Exchange (POS, Web, Android And Ios)

Apis To Drive Financial Exchange (Payments, Savings, Investments, Insurance, Credit)

Advanced Security Functions


Pursar ES Is Mobile First

Pursar ES and the products built on it rely on the advanced features of the smartphone for most of its operations. The trend across the world is the rapid proliferation of the smartphone across all demographics. In less than 5 years, there will be more people with smartphones than there are with dumbphones across Africa.

Pursar ES Is Cloud-Native

Pursar ES is built using an API micro service architecture. Each service represents a key function in the financial services stack, deployed in containers through Kubernetes orchestration. This allows Pursar ES to take full advantage of the cloud’s key benefits of scalability, extensibility, redundancy and resilience.

Pursar ES Is Merchant-Centric

With Pursar ES, financial services providers can comfortably use merchants - supermarkets, mom and pop shops, pharmacies, filling stations etc as an extension of their brands. Such a deployment significantly reduces the costs in creating an agent network from ground up like is typical with such new technology deployment.

building digital financial
services on
pursar es comes
with the
following advantages


Pursar ES is designed with advanced security features built on the modern smartphone and cloud technologies. All data in Pursar ES is encrypted at rest (in the database) and in transit between the services and within browsers and mobile apps.


With Pursar ES, serving a million customers is as easy as serving the first ten clients. Pursar ES is built for scale. Through load-balancing and horizontal auto- scaling, Pursar ES can handle millions of transactions per second. With Pursar ES, capacity is automatically expanded as demand increases. Leading to better cost management and higher return on investment.


Operations on Pursar ES and the digital financial products built on it are intuitive to the users (merchants, consumers) and the admins. Ensuring that your product is fit for the hundred of millions of the unbanked and underbanked.


Through its APIs, Pursar ES enables your digital financial product to serve beyond its walls. You can have POS, web and mobile apps generating and accepting payments without any direct intervention. Also, by integrating with other APIs, Pursar ES enables exchange with other financial technologies like Mobile Money, ATM, Cards etc. Thus serving the length, depth and breadth of the market.


Operations on Pursar ES and the digital financial products built on are extremely fast, irrespective of the number of concurrent transactions. Thus reducing the amount of time spent on queues in order to process ordering and payments.


Pursar ES comes with a business continuity solution that is a blend of intelligent system monitoring, data backups and disaster recovery. This ensures that your business will take off without much delays in cases of disruptions or failures.