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Are you an executive in a bank or microfinance institution in need for a digital financial platform like Mobile Money currently provided by Telcos?

With Pursar ES, any bank or microfinance institution, with or without technical expertise, can successfully launch and operate its digital financial services platform that will not only compete with mobile money, but provide a lot more value to merchants and consumers. In addition to defensibility against the encroachment of telcos, launching a digital financial services product built on Pursar ES provides the following advantages directly to the bank or microfinance institution

Building digital financial services on Pursar ES comes with the following advantages


Existing solutions targeting the unbanked have a core use case that is predominantly money transfers. With a digital payment product built on Pursar ES, the core use case shifts to payments - in-store, online and via POS devices

Spending Pie

Less than 20% of consumer spending goes through money transfers, whereas the remaining 80% is treated as payment for goods & services. Which will you rather have, 20 or 80?

Growth Market

The money transfer market is very saturated, exhibiting all the dynamics of a saturated market. Digital payments on the other hand is still at the nascent phase, thus so much growth potential.

customer relationship

By launching a digital financial services product on Pursar ES, the bank or microfinance owns and directly manages the relationship with its customer base - merchants & consumers. These relationships can be harnessed in a million ways.

Data Visibility

By launching a digital financial services product running on Pursar ES, the bank or microfinance institution has full access to broader transaction data and the insights that can be generated from it. This data can be used to drive upselling, product innovation and risk management efforts