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So many Credit Unions are already interfacing with mobile money and related products from telcos. What if instead of only interfacing with mobile money and related products, as a Credit Union, you could actually offer your members and your clientele the next phase of digital financial services - digital payment + fintech? With Pursar ES, you will get all the benefits of a mobile money-like product and more. These benefits include, but are not limited to

Building digital financial services on Pursar ES comes with the following advantages


With Pursar ES, your merchants become an extension of your Credit Union, delivering simple and sometimes complex services to your clients. In addition to the distribution of physical presence through merchants, through the apps, your clients are only a notification away. You have the power of a telco without the cost of building a telco.


Building your digital financial product with Pursar ES gives your Credit Union an agile edge that your peers can not match. With Pursar ES, you can use less than 3 months to launch and scale new products and services.

With Pursar, it is a long term game and wins for financial services providers, merchants, consumers and the economy at large.

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