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Are you a fintech startup entrepreneur or part of a fintech startup team trying to take richer financial services to the unbanked and underbanked? Have you been trying to sort out the technology stack for your fintech startup without much success and your team does not have the finances to commit with conventional suppliers? Or you have ideas around fintech and you are looking for a technical partner to work with in delivering these amazing services?

With Pursar ES, any ambitious fintech can successfully launch and operate its own digital financial services platform with or without technical expertise. Most importantly, our financial interest is tied to the success of the products run on our platform. As such, we go further to ensuring services launched on Pursar ES succeed by providing assistance in strategy, business modeling and much more.

With Pursar, it is a long term game and wins for financial services providers, merchants, consumers and the economy at large.


Building digital financial services on Pursar ES comes with the following advantages


Pursar ES enables your FinTech to move from conception to deployment in less than 90 days. This does not only save you time and resources, but gives you the opportunity to experiment and learn better


Building your FinTech on Pursar ES frees you from the job of technology development, maintenance and support. Thus giving you the opportunity to focus your people and resources towards serving your clients.