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In Africa and other parts of the world, Telcos are the predominant providers of Mobile Money services to the masses. However, most of those with the predominant mobile money solutions are built on technologies that do not take advantage of the advances of modern telecommunications infrastructure and devices. We are in the era of 3G, 4G and 5G, yet the mobile money products still run on technologies meant only for 2G. The infrastructure moved, devices moved, yet mobile money technologies have refused to move to the new world. What if you could easily migrate to a mobile money technology platform that takes full advantage of the technological advancements of the devices and your infrastructure while creating better experiences for your customers, expanding your market and most importantly positively affecting your bottom line?

With Pursar, it is a long term game and wins for financial services providers, merchants, consumers and the economy at large.


Building digital financial services on Pursar ES comes with the following advantages

User experience

Pursar ES is designed with all the users in mind - consumers, merchants, agents and the providers. With the use of the advanced features of mobile devices and cloud technologies, products built on Pursar ES come with a user experience that is secure, simple and seamless. Given that Pursar ES is a cloud-native technology, we have APIs that developers can use to build even more advanced experiences on mobile, web and in-store. Creating better experiences for everyone, improving the flow of transactions and processes thereby making your mobile money product the best in the market.

Continuous innovation

Building your mobile money product on Pursar ES will give you an edge that is at least 2 years ahead of the competition. However, that is not enough to keep you ahead of the market in the long term. That is why our dedicated team of designers, engineers, architects etc work day-in-day out to ensure you are not only ahead today, but tomorrow and 10 years from now. We have made it our mission to build financial technologies that enable you to serve the broadest segment of your market. We take this mission seriously and will continue to deliver innovative products and solutions fit for the broadest segment of your market. With Pursar ES on your side, be sure to remain innovative in the foreseeable future.